Popular Agrovet Products

Like humans, livestock and fisheries also demand appropriate health care. Quality veterinary medicines ware always a big challenge in the country like Bangladesh, Popular Pharmaceuticals Limited launched its veterinary medicines in June, 2008 with an aim to providing the best of its kind. The mission of Popular Agrovet is to develop, manufacture and market appropriate drugs covering all the therapeutic needs and also the nutritional additives helping developing profitable livestock, poultry and fishery in the country. Popular Pharmaceuticals Ltd. with its Agrovet Division has wide number of formulations that are launched first time in Bangladesh and is also in the process of manufacturing cutting edge Veterinary Hormones and Vaccines.

Agrovet products by trade name

  • Megagard

    Tiamulin Hydrogen Fumareate BP

  • Megasol

    Butaphosphane & Cyanocobalamin

  • Metonid Bolus

    Metronidazole 2g

  • Motivet Bolus

    Antimony Potassium Tartrate,Dried Ferrous Sulphate