Popular Pharmaceuticals Ltd. launched first time locally manufactured vaccine (TT Vax, Tetanus Toxoid Adsorbed) in the history of Bangladesh pharma market. This is nothing but the continuous approach of Popular for adding innovative products to fulfill the unmet need of medicament for mass people. As a consequence, Popular Pharma launched another time demanding vaccine. Hepavex-B which is genetically engineered Hepatitis B vaccine for complete protection against Hepatitis B virus infection. The separate vaccine unit has all the facilities to manufacture world class vaccine by maintaining WHO GMP. Among the facilities of production areas, Popular provides dedicated HVAC system to prevent cross contamination, terminal HEPA filter to regulate desired classes and one of the unique feature to ensure the sterility is maintaining STERICILLIN POUCH to each and every contact part of manufacturing equipments. All the equipments related with vaccine are imported from renowned source. Beside these, Popular has its established cold chain facilities from manufacturing to distribution.