Popular Ophthalmic Products

Ophthalmology is one of the very sensitive areas of Medical Science and the practicing physicians and surgeons are particularly focused in this specialized field. To cater the needs of this treatment segment, Popular Opthalmics launched its state-of-the-art formulations in 2006. Popular Opthalmics uses “water for injection” while manufacturing its formulations instead of “potable water” as being used by others in the industry.

In tune with a corporate vision of Popular Group, Popular Ophthalmics is equipped with latest technology to manufacture world class ophthalmic range of products. Having a unique edge with precision and expertise, Popular Ophthalmics has formulations and sterile manufacturing conditions in compliance to the WHO, US-FDA and UK-MHRA regulatory requirements. Sterile manufacturing environment is the key to quality ophthalmic formulations, pyrogen free and stabe. Popular Ophthalmic formulations are manufactured strictly under aseptic conditions with laminar air flow module, differential air pressure, microbial monitoring, use of pre-sterilized containers, automatic ophthalmic filling technology, double door autoclave for sterilization, continuous data recording and printing of batch records. Sophisticated WFI plant ensures high quality water with optimum conductivity and microbial count.

The main therapeutic areas are Dry Eye (Artificial Tear), Anti Glaucoma, Antibiotics, Steroids, Antibiotic-steroid combinations, NSAIDs, Vitamins, Anti-allergy, Anti-fungal, Anesthetics, Mydiatrics, Viscoelastic Solutions, Irrigation Fluids etc.

Popular Ophthalmics rank 2nd in the Ophthalmic market in Bangladesh.