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Aminovit Plus Vet Oral
Amino Acids, Dextrose, Electrolytes & Vitamins
 Aminovit Plus Vet Oral

Each 100 ml contains
Dextrose BP 5.0 g
Calcium Chloride Dihydrate BP 0.265 g
Potassium Chloride BP 0.2 g
Magnesium Sulphate Heptahydrate BP 0.410 g
Sodium Acetate Trihydrate BP 1.244 g
L-Histidine USP 0.002 g
L-Methionine USP 0.0525 g
L-Tryptophan USP 0.0175 g
L-Cystine BP 0.002 g
L-Threonine USP 0.035 g
L-lsoleucine USP 0.0525 g
L-Arginine USP 0.1425 g
L-Phenylalanine USP 0.035 g
L-Valine USP 0.0525 g
L-Lysine Hydrochloride USP 0.0525 g
L-Leucine USP 0.06 g
Sodium Glutamate INN 0.008 g
Riboflavin Sodium Phosphate BP 0.0095 g
D-Pantothenol BP 0.01 g
Pyridoxine Hydrochloride BP 0.01 g
Nicotinamide BP 0.30 g
Thiamine Hydrochloride BP 0.01 g

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Aminovit plus vet helps in protein formation. It acts as building blocking agent for the development of meat production. It also uses to increase egg & milk production. For use as a supplemental source of dextrose, electrolytes, vitamins and amino acid in all animals. Supporting therapy on the operation & after operation, convalescing, dehydration, weakness, vomiting, diarrhea, imbalance of electrolytes, ketosis, anaphylaxis, acidosis and hypoproteinemia.

Dosage And Administration

Poultry : Add 1ml per 2-4 litre water continue for 3-5 days. For Cattle, Buffalo, Horse, Goat, Sheep, Dog & other animals:
Normal dose : 2-3 ml per 10 kg body weight in drinking water. Beef fattening dose : 4-6 ml per 10kg body weight in drinking water.
Milk increaser dose : 4-6 ml per 10kg body weight in drinking water. Or as advised by the registered veterinarian.

Side Effects




Drug Interactions



For Veterinary Use Only.

Pharmaceutical Precautions

Store in a cool and dry place, protected from light. Keep all medicine out of reach of children.

Commercial Pack

100 ml, 500 ml & 1 Liter bottle.