Balanced Salt Solution

Each 100 ml contains:
Active ingredients SpecificationQuantity
Calcium Chloride Dihydrate BP0.048 g
Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate BP0.03 g
Potassium ChlorideBP 0.075 g
Sodium Acetate Trihydrate BP 0.39 g
Sodium Chloride BP 0.64 g
Sodium CitrateBP 0.17 g

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B-Sol Sterile Irrigating Solution is a sterile balanced salt solution

Clinical Pharmacology:
B-Sol Sterile Irrigating Solution is an isotonic solution for use in irrigating tissues of the eyes.


For use as an extraocular and intraocular irrigating solution during ocular surgical procedure involving perfusion of the eye
with an expected maximum duration of less than 60 minutes.

Dosage And Administration

This irrigating solution should be used according to standard format for each surgical procedure. Note: Use an administration
set with an air-inlet in the plastic spike since the bottle does not contain a separate airway tube. Follow directions of the particular
administration set to be used. Remove the blue flip-off cap. Clean and disinfect the rubber stopper by using a sterile alcohol
wipe. Insert the spike aseptically into the bottle through the target area of the rubber stopper. Allow the fluid to flow and remove air
from the tubing before irrigation begins.

Side Effects

Irrigation or any other trauma may result in corneal swelling or bullous keratopathy.
Post-operative inflammatory reactions as well as incidents of corneal edema and corneal decompensation have been reported.


Open under aseptic conditions only.
Studies suggest that intraocular irrigating solutions which are iso-osmotic with normal aqueous fluids should be used with caution in diabetic patients undergoing vitrectomy since intraoperative lens changes have been observed. There have been reports of corneal clouding and edema following ocular surgery in which B-Sol Sterile Irrigating Solution was used as an irrigating solution.

  •  Not for injection or intraveous infusion.
  • Do not use unless product is clear, seal is intact, vacuum is present and container is undamaged.
  • Do not use if product is discolored or contains a precipitate.
  • Single patient use only. The contents of this bottle should not be used in more than one patient.
  • The use of additives with this solution may cause corneal decompensation.
  • This solution contains no preservative, unused contents should be discarded.

Pharmaceutical Precautions

Protect from light and store at controlled room temperature. Avoid freezing. Keep out of the reach of children.

Commercial Pack

B-Sol Sterile Irrigating Solution is supplied in a 500 ml glass bottle.