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Each tablet contains 5 mg Allylestrenol INN.

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AllynolTM is an orally active gestagen. AllynolTM has a pronounced pregnancy maintaining action in castrated animals without producing hormonal side-effects. In the human, premature termination of pregnancy often follows a fall in the levels of placental hormones. AllynolTM has been shown to stimulate the placental progesterone production in vitro and to promote the secretion of placental hormones (human chorionic gonadotrophin, human placental lactogen, oestrogens and progesterone) and oxytocinase in patients with pregnancy at risk. In agreement to this the trophoblastic layers of the placenta show histological signs of activation. Clinical studies have indicated that AllynolTM is an effective and safe pregnancy maintaining preparation. Administration of AllynolTM in combination with bed rest can remove or prevent the threat of abortion in early pregnancy or stop threatened premature labor. AllynolTM is generally well tolerated. Serious adverse reactions have neither been reported in the mother nor in the offspring.


Threatened Abortion:
1 tablet three times daily for 5-7 days. If necessary, the treatment period may be extended. After disappearance of the symptoms the dosage should be gradually reduced unless symptoms return. Habitual abortion: 1-2 tablets daily as soon as pregnancy has been diagnosed. The administration should be continued until at least one month after the end of the critical period.Threatened premature labor: The dosage must be determined individually. High dosages (up to 40 mg daily) have been used.

Dosage And Administration

Allylestrenol tablets should be taken orally.


There are no known contra-indications.


No warnings or precautions are applicable.

Pharmaceutical Precautions

Store below 300C in cool and dry place. Protect
from light.

Commercial Pack

AllynolTM Tablet: Each box contains 3x15 tablets in blister pack.