OTC Vet bolus is indicated for the treatment and control of conditions caused by or associated with oxytetracycline susceptible organisms. A large number of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, mycoplasma, rickettsiae and certain pathogenic fungi are sensitive to OTC Vet bolus. Some specific indications for cattle, buffalo, horse, sheep, goat, dog, cat and poultry are as follows: Anthrax, Mastitis, Haemorrhagic septicaemia,Pyometra, Black quarter, Metritis, Malignant Oedema, Pneumonia, Brucellosis, Dehorning, Pyelonephritis, Cuts, Burns, Wounds, Calf scour, Castration, Diarrhoea, Actinomycosis, Infectious enteritis, Anaplasmosis, Naval ill, Abscess, Coccidiosis, Foot-rot, Calf diphtheria and secondary bacterial infections in FMD.

Dosage & Administration

OTC Vet bolus should be administrated until cure.

For Treatment   :

Cattle & Buffalo : 2- 4 bolus for each 50-100 kg body weight
Horse : 1 bolus for each 75 kg body weight
Goat & Sheep : -1 bolus for each 10-20 kg body weight

For Sexual Disease Condition:

Cattle, Buffalo & Horse : 1-2 bolus administered in uterus
Goat & Sheep : bolus administered in uterus
Dog & Cat : bolus administered in uterus


For Increase Production:

For increase the prodcution of milk and meat oxytetracycline can be use regularly 75 mg or bolus daily.

For Poultry:

Usual dose : 100-200 OTC Vet bolus in each ton feed or 1 bolus with each 5-10 kg feed or 1 bolus in each 3.75 L water.
In disease condition : 200-400 OTC Vet bolus in each ton feed or 2 bolus with each 5-10 kg feed or 2 bolus in each 3.75 L water.
Or advised by the registered veterinarian.


Withdrawal Period:
Beef - 7 days, Poultry Meat - 2 days and Egg - 4 days.


Since bacteriostatic drug may interfere with the bactericidal action of penicillin. It is advisable to avoid giving oxytetracycline in conjunction with penicillin.

For veterinary use only.

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