Due to our marketing-oriented philosophy, we are enjoying a leading position in the market. Our highly marketing sophisticated network ensures a strong representation around the country. Our business plans are carried out which are developed in accordance with corporate and market objectives. We have a well experienced marketing, sales and distribution team who are visiting doctors, hospitals, clinics and pharmacies nationally.

Among the various marketing activities, we organize training, seminars & conferences concerning medical issues, new product launching and sales techniques. Through these activates, we develop a close rapport among the lead Physicians and Healthcare Providers to provide excellence in professional service.

We offer expertise in contract manufacturing for local & overseas business partners. Contract Manufacturing offers the opportunity for sponsor companies to focus on their core strength while leveraging our c-GMP facilities.


Popular Pharmaceuticals Ltd have own distribution network. Through our own distribution network, we ensure countrywide supply of our products. We have 22 depots across the country which enable us make available of our products in every single drug store throughout the country.

Other than depot, we have one Central Ware House and one Promo Store. From Central Ware House, every depot is getting their required products in time. Promo Store is fully dedicated to ensure in time promotional materials to field colleagues.