Gastric and metabolic disorders in cattle, sheep and goats:

  • Adjuvant treatment of hypoglycemic states: acidosis, ketosis, pregnancy toxemia
  • Overweight and sluggish rumen of the animals
  • Anorexia due to sudden dietary changes
  • Intoxications/Poisoning (excess silage, urea etc)

Supportive treatment of traumatic reticulitis

Dosage & Administration

Oral administer the powder suspended in ½ to 1 liter of water or spray dispenser slowly from the bottle.


Curative treatment :

Adult cattle           : 2 packets to 12 hours apart.

Young animals     : ½ sachet once or twice per day.

Sheep and goats  : ¼ sachet per day.


Preventive treatment:

Cattle and young adults : ¼ sachet per day for 2 to 3 days.

Withdrawal Period:

0 (Zero days)


For veterinary use only.


Use in Pregnancy and Lactation :

There is no evidence of embryoxicity, fetotoxicity, teratogenicity or use in lactation period.

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