Milk fever in cows and in the treatment of animals associated with hypocalcaemia, hypomagnesaemia, hypophosphataemia and hypoglycaemia; also effective for the treatment of ketosis.

Dosage & Administration

Caldex Vet is slowly administered by subcutaneously or intravenously
Cattle & Buffalo : 100 - 350 ml
Calf, Goat & Sheep : 25 - 50 ml
Or as directed by the registered veterinarian


  • Solution should be warmed to body temperature and administered slowly.
  • Besides milk fever if some other fever pertains due to infection, procaine penicillin should not be given within 3 days after Caldex Vet injection.
  • For intravenous infusion administer slowly sometime with interval 20 second.

For veterinary use only

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