For milk fever and other calcium, glucose and magnesium deficiencies in cattle & sheep as grass tetany, transport tetany etc. For post operative exhaustion provides for rapid increase of body calcium and magnesium. Caldex Vet Forte immediate increases of energy and reduction of ketones.

Dosage & Administration

Administer following doses slowly by intravenously,
intramuscularly or subcutaneously
Cattle & Horse : 100-500 ml
Calf, Goat & Sheep : 50-100 ml
Dog : 10-20 ml
Or as directed by the registered veterinarian.


  • Use according to the veterinarian\'s advice
  • Avoid mixing with any other drugs
  • Quick injection may cause cardiac failure, should inject slowly
  • Before use, make it warm as much as the body temperature
  • Stop treatment immediately if unexpected symptoms occur

For veterinary use only.

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