AmisolTM is indicated as a source of amino acids for protein synthesis in patients needing intravenous nutrition. AmisolTM is particularly suitable for patients with basal amino acid requirements. AmisolTM is also indicated in faster recovery in surgery, burns, renal insufficiency, hepatic insufficiency and effective management of cancer.

Dosage & Administration



The nitrogen requirement for maintenance of body protein mass depends on the patient's condition (nutritional state and degree of metabolic stress). The requirements are 0.10-0.15g nitrogen/kg/day (no or minor metabolic stress and normal nutritional state), 0.15-0.20g nitrogen/kg/day (moderate metabolic stress with or without malnutrition) and up to 0.20-0.25g nitrogen/kg/day (severe catabolism as in burns, sepsis and trauma). The dosage range 0.10-0.25g nitrogen/kg/day corresponds to 15-35 ml AmisolTM/kg/day. In obese patients, the dose should be based on the estimated ideal weight. Depending upon patients requirements, 1000-2000 ml AmisolTM may be infused intravenously per 24 hours. AmisolTM should be infused slowly, at rates 1.4-2.8 ml (30-60 drops) per minute.

Infants and children:

In children and infants, the rate of infusion is 28-35 ml/kg body weight per day is recommended, with a step wise increase in the rate of administration during the first week.


Hyperphenylaninemia has been noted in severely ill, premature infants. In these patients, monitoring of the phenylalanine levels is recommended and the infusion rate is adjusted as needed. Do not use if the solution is turbid or contains particles. Discard any unused portion.


Use in Pregnancy:
Successful and safe administration of amino acid solutions during pregnancy in the human has been reported. Animal reproduction studies have not been carried out with AmisolTM.

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