Bfenac ophthalmic solution is indicated for the treatment of postoperative inflammation and reduction of ocular pain in patients who have undergone ocular surgery (cataract extraction, IOL implantation etc).

Dosage & Administration

For the treatment of postoperative inflammation, one drop of Bromfenac 0.09% ophthalmic solution should be applied to the affected eye(s) two times daily beginning 24 hours after ocular surgery and continuing through the first 2 weeks of the postoperative period.


All topical nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) may slow or delay healing. Topical corticosteroids are also known to slow or delay healing. Concomitant use of topical NSAIDs and topical steroids may increase the potential for healing problems.
Use of topical NSAIDs may result in keratitis. In some susceptible patients, continued use of topical NSAIDs may result in epithelial breakdown, corneal thinning, corneal erosion, corneal ulceration or corneal perforation. Postmarketing experience with topical NSAIDs suggests that patients with complicated ocular surgeries, corneal denervation, corneal epithelial defects, diabetes mellitus, ocular surface diseases (e.g. dry eye syndrome), rheumatoid arthritis, or repeat ocular surgeries within a short period of time may be at increased risk for corneal adverse events which may become sight threatening. Topical NSAIDs should be used with caution in these patients.


Use In Pregnancy and Lactation
Pregnancy: There are no adequate and well-controlled studies in pregnant women. Because animal reproduction studies are not always predictive of human response, this drug should be used during pregnancy only if the potential benefit justifies the potential risk to the fetus.


Lactation: Caution should be exercised when Bromfenac ophthalmic solution is administered to a nursing woman.

Pediatric use
Safety and efficacy in pediatric patients below the age of 18 have not been established.

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