Optagel is indicated for use as an ophthalmic surgical aid during surgical procedures involving the anterior chamber of the eye, including extraction of cataract and insertion of intraocular lenses.

Dosage & Administration

Cataract surgery and IOL implantation


For cataract surgery and intraocular lens implantation, Optagel ophthalmic solution should be carefully injected into the anterior chamber prior to capsulotomy using standard aseptic techniques. Optagel may be injected into the chamber prior to or following removal of the crystalline lens. Instillation of Optagel prior to lens removal will provide protection to the corneal endothelium from possible damage due to surgical instrumentation during cataract surgery.


Optagel may also be used to coat an intraocular lens prior to implantation as well as the tips of surgical instruments. Additional Optagel may be injected during anterior segment surgery to fully maintain the chamber or replace any volume lost during the surgical procedure. At the end of the surgical procedure it is recommended that Optagel be removed from the eye as completely as possible by irrigation and/or aspiration.


Precautions are limited to those normally associated with the ophthalmic surgical procedure being performed. There may be transient increased intraocular pressure following surgery because of pre-existing glaucoma or due to the surgery itself. For these reasons, the following precautions should be considered:

  • Optagel should be removed from the anterior chamber at the end of surgery.
  • If the post-operative intraocular pressure increases above expected values, appropriate therapy should be administered.

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