• Simple indigestion
• Ruminal and systemic acidosis
• Adjunct to antibiotic treatment
• Decreased milk yield
Dairy Animals:
• Revives normal rumen micro-flora
• Ensures quick restoration of appetite
• Enhances milk production Poultry:
• Controls loose dropping and diarrhea
• Improves FCR
• Improves body weight gain
• Improves digestion

Dosage & Administration

Cattle, Buffalo & Horse (200-300 kg body wt.): 12 gm BID for 3-4 days orally.
Calf, Heifer & Foal: 6 gm BID for 3-4 days orally.
Sheep & Goat: 6 gm BID for 3-4 days orally.
Poultry: 48 gm per 100 kg feed for 3-4 days orally.

Or as advised by the registered veterinarian.


Withdrawal Period:
Zero (0) day.


For better result do not administer with antibiotic(s) in oral route.

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