Prevention and treatment of Vitamin D3 deficiency & Vitamin D3 deficiency related diseases.

Dosage & Administration

Treatment of Vitamin D Deficiency


Starting dose: 40000 IU/week for 7 weeks

Maintenance dose: 2000 IU/day for the next 3 to 4 months (continue until target level is achieved)

Children (12-18 Years)

20000 IU once every 2 weeks (for 6 weeks)

Prevention of Vitamin D Deficiency


20000 IU monthly until vitamin D reaches the normal level

Children (12-18 Years)

20000 IU once every 6 weeks until vitamin D reaches the normal level


According to American Pregnancy association, 4000 IU daily for preventing preterm birth & infection

Vitamin D council recommends, 4000 IU daily reduces pregnancy related complications



Use in Special Groups

Use in pregnancy: There is no evidence to suggest that vitamin D3 is teratogenic in humans even at very high doses. Colecalciferol should be used during pregnancy only if the benefits outweigh the potential risk to the fetus.

Use in nursing mothers: It should be assumed that exogenous Colecalciferol passes into the breast milk. In view of the potential for hypercalcaemia in the mother and for adverse reactions from Colecalciferol in nursing infants, mothers may breastfeed while taking Colecalciferol, provided that the serum Calcium levels of the mother and infant are monitored.


People with the following conditions should exercise with caution when considering taking vitamin D3 supplements:

•High blood calcium or phosphorus level

•Heart problems

•Kidney disease

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