For the treatment and prophylaxis of Sodium Chloride deficiency

Dosage & Administration

It is important that the tablet should be swallowed whole with water (approx. 70 ml per tablet where kidney function is normal to avoid hypernatraemia), and not chewed.


Adults: For prophylaxis 8-16 tablets per day. For treatment dosage to be adjusted to individual needs up to a maximum of 40 tablets per day in case of severe salt depletion. For control of muscle cramps during routine maintenance haemodialysis usually 20-32 tablets per dialysis. In some cases of chronic renal salt-wasting up to 40 tablets per day may be required with appropriate fluid intake.


Children: Dosage should be adjusted to individual needs.


Elderly: No special dosage adjustment.


Warnings: None


Use in Pregnancy: No additional precautions required.


Effects on ability to drive and use machines: Nil.

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