• Sub-clinical Mastitis
  • Adjunct to Antibiotic therapy in Clinical Mastitis



  • Restores normal pH & biochemical constituents of milk in udder
  • Enhances immunity against mastitis & ensures faster recovery
  • Decreases the incidence & duration of mastitis
  • Has powerful anti-inflammatory & analgesic activity/properties
  • Helps in repairing the damaged tissues
  • Reduces the duration of antibiotic therapy

Dosage & Administration

Prevention: 30 g per day one week before calving and one week after calving


Large animals - 60 g for 4 days as per recommended administration guide

(1st Day - 60 g per day, followed by 30 g BD for 3 days)

Small animals - 20 g to 25 g for 3 to 4 days


Or, as advised by the registered veterinarian


MASTINOR should be administered orally, mixed in jiggery or as an electuary

Withdrawal period: “0” Zero days


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