Astamax is indicated as strong antioxidant. Also indicated in –

? Cardiovascular health ? Strength and endurance & immune system development ? Skin condition improvement ? Protection of skin from damage caused by sunlight ? Brain and central nervous system health ? Arthritis ? Silent inflammation ? Eye health

Dosage & Administration

The recommended daily dosage is fairly standardized at a 4 mg per day. Following is a table of recommended dosages:



2-4 mg

Antioxidant, Cardiovascular Health, Immune System Enhancer

4-8 mg

Internal Beauty and Skin Improvement, Strength and endurance, Brain and Central Nervous System Health, Eye Health

4-12 mg

Arthritis, Silent inflammation(C-reactive protein), Internal Sunscreen


Pregnant women and nursing mothers should avoid Astaxanthin containing supplements.

Use in Pregnancy and Lactation

Both pregnant women & lactating mother should avoid Astaxanthin containing supplements.

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