In treatment of endometriosis.

Dosage & Administration

Tablet-taking can be started on any day of the menstrual cycle. The dosage of Metrinor is 1 tablet daily without any break, taken preferably at the same time each day with some liquid as needed. Tablet must be taken continuously without regard to vaginal bleeding. When a pack is finished, the next one should be started without interruption. In the event of missed tablet(s), the woman should take 1 tablet only, as soon as she remembers, and should then continue the next day to take the tablet at her usual time. A tablet not absorbed due to vomiting or diarrhea should likewise be replaced by 1 tablet.

Pregnancy and Lactation
•Use in Pregnancy: Dienogest should not be administered to pregnant women.
•Use in Lactation: Treatment with Dienogest during lactation is not recommended.


•Before starting treatment with Dienogest, pregnancy must be excluded.
•Hepatic Impairment: Dienogest is contraindicated in patients with present or past severe hepatic disease.
•Impairment of Fertility: Based on available data, ovulation is inhibited in the majority of patients during treatment with Dienogest. However, Dienogest is not a contraceptive.
•Use in Children: Dienogest is not indicated in children prior to menarche. The safety and
efficacy of Dienogest in adolescents (menarche to 18 years) has not yet been established.

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