Dosage & Administration

Respiton Oral Solution can be used via drinking water and spray in to
dairy and poultry houses.
For Spray (General protection purpose): 3 ml /1 liter of water.
For oral administration
0-14 days; 60 ml/day/1000 Chicken
14-28 days; 100 ml/day/ 1000 Chicken
Above 28 days; 150 ml/day/1000 Chicken Or,
1 ml/3-5 Liter of drinking water till the symptoms disappear.
Cattle and Horse: 20-40 ml and
Sheep and Goat: 5-10 ml solution, diluted with at least 1 Liter drinking
In case of acute symptoms dosage can be increased up to 30 % of
regular dosage.
Or advised by the registered veterinarian.

Withdrawal Period
Zero (0) days.


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