The vaccine is intended for active immunization against Fowl Cholera
in Chicken, Duck, Turkey and Geese. The vaccine causes the
formation of an immune response in poultry to the causative agent of
Pasteurellosis after 10-14 days after 2nd dose, lasting at least 12
months. The vaccine is harmless and has no therapeutic effect.

Dosage & Administration

Poultry are vaccinated against Pasteurellosis starting from the age of
30 days, and ducks from the age of 15 days. The vaccine is injected
once subcuteneously or intramuscularly, in the following doses:


• Vaccine is administered subcuteneously or intramuscularly
following aseptic regulations, with single use sterile syringes and
needles, each animal should be vaccinated with new needle. Site
of injection should be disinfected with 70% of Ethanol.
• The disorder of the vaccination scheme should be avoided as it
may cause a decrease of immunoprophylaxis efficiency against
Pasteurellosis. In the case of missing of next scheduled vaccine
administration, the immunization should be implemented as soon
as possible.
• Shelf life of the vaccine is 24 months from manufacture date if
stored and transported under the recommended conditions. The
vaccine should not be used after the expiration date.
• The bottles with the vaccine without labeling, with expired shelf life,
the violation of the integrity of the vial or cap, with change of color
or consistency, if there is the presence of impurities in the vaccine,
vaccine not used in the day of opening the vial, should be rejected.
Such vaccine should be decontaminated by boiling for 30 minutes
and discarded. Dispose of disinfected vaccine does not need a
special precautions.
• For vaccination, syringes and needles are used, which are
sterilized by boiling in distilled water for 30 minutes before and after
the end of work, or single-use injection syringes.
• Before use, the vaccine is kept for 3-4 hours at room temperature
(15-25OC). During vaccination, the vaccine in the vial is periodically

• Within 10 days after vaccination, the poultry is monitored.
Hypothermia and overheating are not allowed.

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