• Increase muscular performances in animals kept for Fattening, breeding & other purposes.
  • Metabolic disorders in case of poor nutrition, inadequate management care or diseased condition.
  • Tonic in case of weakness, secondary anaemia & excretion. Roborant in case of stress, over exertion & reduced resistant to healthy animals. l Tetany & paresis in addition to Ca & Mg therapy.
  • Disorders in growth & nutrition of young animals due to disease in early life.
  • Metaphylaxis of infertility, puerperal disease & to support treatment of infertility.

Poultry: Rapid growth, boost resistance in stress condition, preventing cannibalism.


Dosage & Administration

Injection by intravenous, intramuscular or subcutaneous route. Megasol injectable solution is administered according to condition & body weight:







In acute disease


Cattle & Horse


5-25 ml


Foal & Calf


5-12 ml


Goat & Sheep


2.5-5 ml


Lamb & Kid


1.5-2.5 ml


Cat & Dog


0.5-5 ml


To be repeated daily if required




1 ml/1-2 L of drinking water for 3-5 days

In chronic disease


Half of the above dose is required repeatedly at the intervals of 3-5days

In healthy Animals


Half of the above dose



Or advised by the registered veterinarian.


For veterinary use only.

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