Glucolin is administered in the treatment of carbohydrate and fluid depletions. It is mainly used to replace water deficiency and should be given alone when there is no significant loss of electrolytes. Water depletion (dehydration) tends to occur when these losses are not matched by a comparable intake, as for example may occur in coma or dysphagia or in the aged person who may not drink water in sufficient amount on their own initiative. It provides a readily metabolizable nutrient. One litre of 5% solution provides about 170 calories. Glucose solutions are also given in regimens with calcium bicarbonate, and insulin for the emergency management of hyperkalaemia. They are also given, after correction of hyperglycaemia, during treatment of diabetic ketoacidosis, when they must be accompanied by continuing insulin infusion. Glucolin TM 5% infusion also may act as a suitable vehicle for the slow intravenous infusion of numerous drugs.

Dosage & Administration

The dose of Dextrose infusion is variable. It is dependent on individual patient requirements. For 5% dextrose solution, the dose frequently ranges from 500 to 1000 ml. The maximum rate of infusion that will not cause glycosuria is 0.5 g/kg/hr. About 95% is retained when the rate is 0.8 g/kg/hr. the maximum rate of glucose utilization is about 800 mg per kg body weight per hour.


Serum glucose concentration should be carefully monitored. Concurrent use of insulin may be needed in case of diabetic patients. Dextrose solution should not be mixed with whole blood as haemolysis and clumping may occur. Infusion of fluid should be immediately discontinued if rigor arises for any reasons during the process. Do not use if the solution is cloudy, contains particles, or after expiry date.

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